Project: Year One

Welcome to my Year One. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and it’s because I was floundering. I didn’t know what I as doing, what I wanted or how to get there. May 31st – I was sitting on anther train on another long commute home from my new job. And I was listening the 3 Point Perspective podcast. This podcast is the best!…

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Mini Masterpieces – GUSTAV KLIMT

The second mini canvas I will be painting this year in based on the artist Klimt. It is quite a leap from the abstract work of Rothko last month – to Klimt’s highly detailed and patterned works of art, but he has been one of my favourite artists for a while now and I couldn’t wait to attempt to copy one of his pieces of…

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Endangered Inktober Zine

Why a Zine? I completed my first zine!  I am running my first marathon in April for the WWF and I need to raise £500. This might not seem like a lot of money to someone who has a large family, a big group of friends and 40 co-workers, but that isn’t my case! I also hate asking people for money – even if it’s…

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Mini Masterpieces – MARK ROTHKO

I have an idea to paint mini masterpieces for a while, and I’m starting with American artist Mark Rothko. You know those tiny little canvas on easels you can buy in craft fairs? I got one for a present last Christmas and ever since then I’ve had the idea to paint little copies of my favourite paintings – or to even learn about new artists….

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2019 Art Goals!

2019 is here and so are some new art goals. I love the start of a new year and thought it was the perfect opportunity to create a new avatar and think about my art goals for 2019. Last year I didn’t make any goals and got a bit lost and unfocused at time. I tried waaay to many personal monthly challenges, which all failed…

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Scrawlrbox November 2018

I really loved this month’s Scrawlrbox and creating the image for the theme: Body Parts was so much fun! Check out the process video to watch this android come to life and to find out more about this month’s  art supplies!

Body Parts
Scrawlrbox November Challenge

Inktober 2018 – Endangered Animals

My theme for Inktober 2018 was Endangered Animals. I used the Liquitex Muted Collection inks and chose a variety of animals of the WWF endangered list. As well as learning a bunch about these animals I am hoping to sell prints in the new year and give all proceeds to the WWF, as part of my charity Marathon I am running in April 2019. To…

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One Week of Daily Videos

Last week I challenged myself to record, edit and post a video on YouTube every day for a week. It was hard, but I did it! Why? I had been feeling a bit unmotivated and lazy the last couple of months. I wasn’t drawing as much as I wanted, I hadn’t posted to this blog in weeks and I was halfheartedly making videos for YouTube….

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Just another June body

March, April and May weren’t very good drawing months for me. I started March with the intent to partake in, and complete, the Procreate challenge (draw an image in procreate everyday) I think I lasted 11 days. I didn’t draw much the rest of March. I started April with renewed vigor. I was going to do Bybuns April Art Challenge for the first time and…

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Birmingham Design Festival

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Birmingham Design Festival for a long weekend with my boyfriend. It was also my birthday weekend, which was pretty cool and gave me permission to buy every art supply I saw – because Treat Yo’ Self – ammiright? We got to see a lot of Birmingham as each talk was in a different part of the…

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