Just another June body

March, April and May weren’t very good drawing months for me. I started March with the intent to partake in, and complete, the Procreate challenge (draw an image in procreate everyday) I think I lasted 11 days. I didn’t draw much the rest of March.

I started April with renewed vigor. I was going to do Bybuns April Art Challenge for the first time and it was going to be awesome. I had it all planned out – Copic Markers and Movie Scenes – the perfect combination.

It didn’t go well. I realised about day 5 I really don’t like Copic Markers. This was pretty heartbreaking as I had just spent $200 on a whole bunch. I also really disliked the style I was drawing in. I kept going, halfheartedly, until about day 12 and the I stopped.  I didn’t even post half the images I did.

May came and I doodled here and there. I didn’t have “art-block” – there was still heaps of things I wanted to do and try – but I just couldn’t motivate myself. But towards the end of May, I was sketching portraits again and really enjoying it – until I got to the shoulders and found out I have no idea how to draw bodies well. I couldn’t just draw decapitated head the rest of my life, could I?

So June came and I jumped back into a self initiated challenge (I know, I know, I’m a sucker for a challenge) This time I was going to learn bodies. No crazy app, no new materials – just paper and a pencil.

I drew everyday for 26 days. Sometimes I would draw one. Mostly I would draw many – including rough warm-up sketches like these. I used a mechanical pencil for all of these – using different coloured lead each time it ran out.

I really liked these warm-up sketches! For the more “polished” sketches I used one of the Windsor and Newton pastel markers to add a bit of colour. Fun fact: during this month I lost the Rose marker. After searching for it for a week, I bought a new one. I found the old one the same day. I know have two Rose markers.

I was getting into this weird cartoony face that I seem to fall back on with tiny faces. Why is everything so hard to draw when it is tiny?This was the last sketch I drew – I was getting pretty bored of daily study – and I had already drawn more than 30 poses, which was good enough for me.Did I improve? Maybe a little – but I think it’s going to take a few more months of study before I’m confident. It’s definitely nice to see heads attached to bodies – but I did find one problem I didn’t solve this month: All these characters are wearing mittens! Looks like I got some hand practice in my future.

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