Inktober 2018 – Endangered Animals

My theme for Inktober 2018 was Endangered Animals. I used the Liquitex Muted Collection inks and chose a variety of animals of the WWF endangered list. As well as learning a bunch about these animals I am hoping to sell prints in the new year and give all proceeds to the WWF, as part of my charity Marathon I am running in April 2019. To find out more and donate visit

I found Inktober a bit difficult this year as my October was very busy. I spent a week in November catching up and I finally got a scanner so I could scan them all in 🙂 I found out some crazy facts during Inktober about these endangered animals:

There are less than 20 Vaquitas left in the world – a small porpoise that lives in the gulf of Mexico. Some species like the Whooping Crane have reached a critically endangered status in the past, but thanks to conservation efforts, have bounced back in population size – this shows that conservation really does help!

And the weirdest thing I found out was that the White Tiger isn’t endangered – it’s not even a species but the result of in-breeding to propagate a birth defect.

I included a bunch of facts with each animal on my Instagram if you would like to learn more! I had a lot of fun during Inktober this year and really enjoyed using coloured inks. I realised that I love drawing animals, except cats. Cats are hard.

Thanks for reading and please check out my running blog if you are interested in my training and fundraising efforts.