2019 Art Goals!

2019 is here and so are some new art goals. I love the start of a new year and thought it was the perfect opportunity to create a new avatar and think about my art goals for 2019. Last year I didn’t make any goals and got a bit lost and unfocused at time. I tried waaay to many personal monthly challenges, which all failed because I was trying to force myself to draw something I didn’t feel like.

I also find I don’t really have a thing yet. Like, some artists really know what they like. They draw snippets from there life, or comics about cats, or ethereal portraits of waifish woman. I don’t have a thing. One day I’ll draw a penguin, the next I’ll draw a house from google maps, the next I’ll draw a terrible portrait and then cover it in black paint and call it “moonless night”.

So for 2019 that’s gonna be my main goal: find my thing! I got to planning how I’m going to do that in Frannerd’s new planner.


So, how am I going to do this?
  1. People – full bodied, in poses, in actions, interacting, doing stuff. Keep the dismembered heads to a minimum
  2. Places – these are things my people will interact with. Not a full street scene, but maybe just a bench and a flock of birds to feed.
  3. Pets – this should really be animals (but that doesn’t alliterate!) I really enjoyed drawing animals for Inktober last year so I’m keeping the party going!


So everything I do this year will fall under one of those sections (or all of them at the same time!) and no more monthly challenges! Hopefully this way I will keep a focus and improve my skills and style.

A couple of little goals I have are to fill up some of my empty sketchbooks. I’m hoping to fill up 6 – that’s 2 a month – so hopefully it’s doable! If not, hopefully my pet llama can help me out.


Lastly, I would like to work in Procreate more – so I’m starting a digital sketchbook and I’ll try to draw in it most days. I want to keep a sketchbook because I find working in Procreate quite stressful sometimes. There’s so many choices, so many brushes and ways to do things. So many styles and I can undo and re-do over and over and over. So with all of that AND the pressure to create an amazing finished piece – it just kind of put me off from using my iPad for art.

So watch out Procreate – I’m coming for you!


Those are my goals this year. Check out the video below to see the process of my new avatar and hear me ramble about goals some more.

Do you have any personal or art goals this year?

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