Endangered Inktober Zine

Why a Zine?

I completed my first zine!  I am running my first marathon in April for the WWF and I need to raise £500. This might not seem like a lot of money to someone who has a large family, a big group of friends and 40 co-workers, but that isn’t my case! I also hate asking people for money – even if it’s for charity. So I decided to put my skills to use and create a product to sell.

In October I created a bunch of endangered animal illustrations with Liquitex Muted inks and Windsor and Newton gold inks. I thought these images would make an awesome little zine – especially if they were accompanied with a few interesting facts about the animals habitat and reasons for it’s endangerment.  So I decided to just go for it and do the whole thing myself!

This is a very brief look at the process – but I have an entire video series that goes super in depth here.

Inktober zine - illustrations

Designing the Zine

I took all of my Inktober images and scanned them into Photoshop using my Canon Lide 220 scanner. They needed a bit of cleaning up – so I got rid of the background and chucked them in inDesign.

Inktober zine - inDesign

This was the first time I had used inDesign in about 8 years – so I had some catching up to do! I positioned all the images and wrote a little blurb for each, about the animals, it’s environment and threats to the species. Then I needed a front cover.

Inktober zine - front cover texture Inktober zine - front cover design

I used the sames inks to create some cool splats and drips. Then I took those into Photoshop to design the front cover. It’s a pretty simple design but I think it stands out!

Printing the zine

Printing was the absolute worst. It took me an entire day, a hundred tutorials and articles and about half my printer ink to figure out how to match colours. But I did it in the end! Printing was a lot harder than I had expected and it was at this point, I was questioning my decision not to out-source.

Inktober zine - printing Inktober zine - print colour mismatch

The amount of print tests I got through was crazy!

Inktober zine - print tests

Assembling the zine

After I perfected printing – it was time to fold. I used this really cheap card scorer to fold score and fold the pages so each was had a nice sharp edge and lined up correctly.

Inktober zine - scoring pages Inktober zine - folding pages

Then came stapling (a nightmare) and finally trimming. I did this the old fashioned way with a ruler and blade. I found out the hard way, by destroying and entire book,  that the blade needs to be super sharp!

Inktober zine - trimming

Then I packed it up really nicely with a few little freebies and a nice thank you note and popped it in the mail. The zine has been online for three days now and I’ve already sold 6 which I am really happy about! All proceeds of the zine and the originals go to the WWF, so hopefully I can raise some money.

Inktober zine - front Inktober zine - back Inktober zine - spread 1 Inktober zine - spread 2 Inktober zine - spread 3 Inktober zine - spread 4

If you would like to know more about the process you can watch the first video below. If you would like to purchase a zine yourself – check out my Etsy shop!