A week of OOTDs

One of my favourite hashtags to follow on Instagram is the #ootd (outfit of the day). I avoid the real life selfies and focus on the awesome illustrations people do of their own outfits. I always think they would be so fun to do – if only I was fashionable! My fashion sense could be summed up in two words: functional and comfortable. 

90% of my closet is grey, blue or grey-blue and I wear pretty much the same 10 items of clothes in different combinations. But I gave it ago and realised even though I’m not fashion savvy I could still make a pretty fun OOTD doodle. So here is my week of OOTDs.

Outfit of the day - Monday

Monday: always a slow and tired start. Side note: This t-shirt is the most colourful thing I own!

Outfit of the day - Friday

Tuesday: a checkered shirt is the most fancy thing in my closet. I have 6!

Outfit of the day - Tuesday

Wednesday: an uncertain expression and my favourite green cardigan

Outfit of the day - Wednesday

Outfit of the day - Thursday

Thursday and Friday: Sometimes I’m worried about the amount of grey clothes I own – then I remember that grey is an awesome colour!

Outfit of the day - Saturday

Saturday: I ran my first ultra marathon! 31 miles over hills, under trees and through fields of corn. It was so hot, and I was pretty gross, sweaty and constantly thirsty. Getting the watermelon at the last checkpoint was my highlight!

Outfit of the day - Sunday

Sunday: I was pretty tired after my run so I spent all day in my PJs, eating everything I could get my hands on!

I actually drew all of these doodles in my sketchbook with pencils to begin with. One thing I found difficult in drawing 7 doodles of myself, was keeping the character looking the same. The face is a different shape in each doodle, as well as the glasses – but I can assure you I don’t have 7 pairs at home! 

So I took these pencil drawing and converted them to digital doodles in procreate. This way I could easily get the face and the proportions the same. A little bit cheaty? Maybe. I DO want to get better at straight up drawing with pencils and not rely on digital methods- but that will come in time 🙂

I also tried a different style for these. And I’m not sure if it’s me. I’m trying on styles right now, like a more fashionable person would try on clothes. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, but I’m enjoying the experimentation!

And that was a week of Oufit Of The Days. Maybe I’ll try this again in Winter…if it ever arrives!

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